Hinges for Stables

Horse at an open stable door
Discover the unparalleled legacy of Charles Collinge hinges, a heritage dating back to 1811, now celebrated as the go-to choice for stable doors gracing the world of world-class racing horses both in the UK and beyond.

For centuries, Charles Collinge hinges have upheld a tradition of excellence, standing as a testament to reliability and precision. Their enduring craftsmanship has been trusted by equestrian enthusiasts and professionals alike, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of stable doors while ensuring the safety and comfort of prized racing horses.

These hinges, born from a marriage of timeless artistry and modern engineering, provide seamless operation, allowing stable doors to swing open with effortless grace. The hinges' robust design guarantees long-lasting performance, withstanding the demands of high-stress environments that come with housing and caring for world-class racing horses.

From the picturesque landscapes of the UK's countryside to international equestrian hubs, Charles Collinge hinges have become synonymous with quality, strength, and elegance. When your stable doors embrace Charles Collinge hinges, they not only showcase a history dating back over two centuries but also uphold a standard of excellence that world-class racing horses deserve.


We are immensely proud that the Charles Collinge hinge retains its place in British building heritage. It has been manufactured in England since from day one and we will continue to ensure that it retains its British pedigree.
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